Parker School Fall Athletes Honored

November 03, 2017

Parker School is pleased to announce the following Parker Bull Athletic Award recipients for Fall 2017:

Student Scholar Athletes:

The following 28 students were honored for competing in a fall sport and maintaining honor roll GPA of 3.5 or making the headmasters list with GPA of 3.75 or higher:

Honor roll

Grade 9: Jenna Blevins, Nina Corabi

Grade 11: Colin Klimt

Headmaster’s List

Grade 9: Anna Leonard, Margret Sommerhoff, Emily Souza

Grade 10: Ryanne Doherty,  Gracelyn Jardine, Bowen Satterthwaite, Emily Smith, Jordan Vedelli, Tierney Wold

Grade 11: Chloe Arias, Jadyn Ashcraft, Hunter Bugado, Malia Dills, Maya Ellsworth, Emily Fetsch, Anna Gaglione, Jenna Harris, Caylyn Makoff, Macey Note, Zoe Vann

Grade 12: Lucy Callender, Riley Herendeen, Sophia Kaufmann, Haley Spitz, Alexander Thomas

Girls Junior Varsity Volleyball:

Coaches Award: Tierney Wold and Jenna Blevins

Girls Varsity Volleyball

Most Valuable Player: Riley Herendeen and Anna Gaglione

Coaches Award: Alexandra Thomas and Sophia Kaufmann

Holomua Award: Haley Spitz

Coed Varsity Cross Country:

Most Valuable Runner:  Bowen Satterthwaite and Emily Souza

Holomua Award: Malia Dills and Colin Klimt

Coaches Award:  Lucy Callender

Excellence, Integrity, and Compassion Award: Jordan Vedelli

Middle School Cross Country

Coach’s Award: Wylder Peterson

Holomua Award: Makana Oye and Sanae Oye

MVP Award: Isabella Russo