About Us

I’m grateful for the opportunity to tell you about Parker School!

Deciding where to send your child for his or her education can be a challenge. Our goal is to provide you with an authentic view of what the Parker School option is all about. The Parker experience is designed to prepare students for college and for life, in an environment where they feel accepted and supported.

Our faculty has worked hard to create an effectively integrated curriculum. This integration works vertically, where students progress smoothly in a particular subject from one year to the next. It also works horizontally, where the subjects that a student encounters in a particular year have been designed to fit together in a complementary way. We expect our graduates to be successful at the college level and beyond, so we accept the responsibility to provide the academic background to make this possible.

You will find that in the area of technology, Parker School is innovative and committed to providing students with the skills to succeed in the modern world. Students are first introduced to one-to-one technology in kindergarten, and personal tablets form the core of our educational methodology in grades 6-12. Our approach is to blend the substance of traditional education with the creative potential offered by technological learning tools. Every student learns differently, and technology provides significantly greater options to meet different learning styles.

Of course, we also recognize that the key to effective education is gifted, knowledgeable teachers working effectively with students, and I can promise you that your child will benefit from our talented and caring Parker School faculty.

To be truly successful in life, I also believe that people have to possess both self-confidence and a genuine empathy for others. We take seriously our mission to help our students recognize and build on their individual gifts and strengths, whether they lie in academics, the arts, athletics, debate or student government. People have a variety of talents, and our job as educators is to help them unlock and stimulate these abilities. Young people are much more likely to realize their potential when they feel safe, appreciated and understood, and our job is to facilitate this sense of safety and connectedness so that our students can fully expand and express themselves. We also work hard to instill a desire to give back to others through an extensive community service program.

I invite you to get to know our teachers. They are qualified, approachable and creative in their teaching and have been chosen for their willingness to commit themselves to the success of their students. In a small school setting such as ours, the bond between teacher and student is truly allowed to flourish; we tend to stay in touch with our graduates long after they have left the school. Recognizing, achieving and celebrating individual potential is what our school ‘ohana is all about; I invite you to take the journey with us.


Carl Sturges, PhD