Middle School Day

A Parker Middle School day is filled with a wide variety of classes ranging from rigorous academic courses to unique electives that encourage students to explore their individual talents and interests. The schedule is designed around an eight-period rotating system, with six of the eight classes meeting for 50 minutes each, Monday through Thursday, and all eight classes meeting for 35 minutes on Friday. 

Students are encouraged to be healthy and active by participating in physical education four times a week. In addition, study hall classes are built into student schedules so that they can manage their workload by getting a head start on homework, work together with their peers, or see a teacher for extra help.

A middle school student has a different schedule each day of the week. Here is an example of what a student might experience on a typical Monday, when Blocks A and B do not meet:

8:00-9:00 Block C History
9:10-10:00 Block D English
10:00-10:30 Advisory
10:30-11:20 Block E Math
11:20-12:10 Lunch 
12:10-1:00 Block F Elective (such as visual arts)
1:10-2:00 Block G Study Hall
2:10-3:00 Block H Physical Education
3:15-4:45 Students may take part in interscolastic sports with new opportunities each season and/or participate in after-school clubs
such as Dramatiques.

On Tuesday, this student would not attend Blocks C & D. Rather, the rotation would be block A Spanish and block B science followed by blocks E, F, G, H. In place of advisory, the student would have Family Meeting.