Welcome from Stephen Dunn, Head of School

August 24, 2020
Aloha Parker ʻOhana,
I wish that I could tell you that the first two months of being at Parker School are just what I had imagined. I donʻt think the last two months have been what anyone could have imagined. Very few people have “Pandemic Preparation” as part of their experience before this year. Despite the immense challenges of opening under less than ideal circumstances, I am extremely excited to be starting the year with you at Parker School. 
I have been impressed by the resilience, fortitude, and optimism of this ʻohana. Everyone has demonstrated a strong commitment to continue the excellent learning experiences for our students in the safest way. There will always be an effort to balance our priorities of learning, safety, continuity, growth, and community. We have worked hard this summer to keep these important factors in mind as we plan the school year. We know that important and cherished traditions may be altered or delayed but we are equally confident that we can preserve the character of a Parker School education and are committed to preserving as much as we can, safely. 
I have been so warmly welcomed by this community and am so appreciative of your enthusiasm and trust. While I canʻt see all of your faces, I can infer your smiles through the expression in your eyes and the kindness in your words. While our masks keep us safe, they create more distance than I anticipated. We learn so much from the faces of others. 
While we are still working to make our protocols as familiar as old habits, I am impressed by the consideration and cooperation of all of the students, staff, and parents to help us keep each other safe. Through gentle reminders, we help each other remember our collective agreements and understanding of how best to be together to support our commitment to continuity of learning at Parker School. I have humble admiration for the extraordinary work it takes to keep school viable at this time. 
I have said it in many different ways and I truly mean it when I say, there is no place I would rather be than here in Waimea with you all. 
I look forward to an extraordinary year. Letʻs make that happen together. 

Stephen Dunn
Head of School