Farewell Letter from Doc

June 09, 2020

It has been a remarkable experience these past 18 years at the helm of this wonderful little school, and I want you all to know how much it has meant to me to have the opportunity to work for so long with such amazing kids, talented faculty and staff members, and supportive families.  I am extremely proud of what our school has been able to achieve, in so many different ways.  Our kids are successful in athletics, academics, the fine arts, and in community service.  They have gone on to great colleges and rewarding careers and have made their mark on society in a variety of ways. 

This school really is different from other schools, and a large part of that difference has to do with the strong personal bonds people in our community forge with one another.  Friendships made at Parker often last a lifetime, and the tolerance and support people give and receive here at the Little Red Schoolhouse are, I believe, virtually unparalleled.  We cheer for others’ successes, show genuine sympathy when misfortune visits those around us, and feel the confidence to risk something new because we know that we will receive support and encouragement from the Parker ‘Ohana.  This kind of nurturing environment is to be celebrated, and helps to explain why I was so happy to remain here through such a large portion of my career.

Ruth and I are leaving in the midst of a huge challenge for Parker School, and for our country as a whole.  Next year contains  a lot of unanswered questions, but I am utterly confident that the talent and the wellspring of human good feeling residing here will be more than a match for whatever situations will arise this fall, and beyond.  I wish all of you peace and happiness, and I thank you for allowing me to a part of this place for such a long, enjoyable time.  I guess I’ll always be a Parker Bull.

Carl “Doc” Sturges