Middle and Upper School End of Year Awards

May 24, 2019


End of Year Academic Awards

Students in grades 6–12 were honored for their dedication and excellence in academics for the 2018-2019 school year with an Academic Awards ceremony on Friday, May 17.  Tops awards include eight juniors who received Parker’s prestigious “Book Awards,” given by the respective universities highlighting rising seniors; and four students were honored as recipients of scholarships.   Congratulations to the following students:


George Washington University: Kawehi Bell-Kaopuiki

Brown University: Brayden Byron

Wellesley: Tierney Wold

Mt. Holyoke: Katie Carey

U Penn: Tyler Thomas

Yale: Malaya Hill

Baush & Lomb Honorary Science Award: Emily Smith

George Eastman Young Leaders Award: Grace Bollinger


Irma Packard Norman Scholarship: Evan Lake

Mie (Mee-ay) Kim Najita Award: Terra Hernandez

Mamoru and Aiko Takitani Scholarship: Maya Ellsworth

The Ibby Jenkins Memorial Scholarship Award for the Visual Arts: Cooper Callendar


12th Grade Valedictorian: Malia Dills

12th Grade Salutatorian: Maya Ellsworth

8th Grade Valedictorian: Zoe Cetre

8th Grade Salutatorian: Mo’orea Suguitan

End of Year Fine Art Awards

Students in grades 6–12 were honored for their dedication and excellence in the school’s fine arts program for the 2018-2019 school year.  Awards were given for outstanding achievement in this year’s two Dramatiques productions, as well as visual arts classes.  Congratulations to the following students:


Fall Play: Much Ado About Nothing

Outstanding Actor in a Principal Role: Erica Yost as Benedick

Outstanding Supporting Actor – US: McKenzie Byron as Ursula

Outstanding Supporting Actor – MiMS: Will Corrigan as Don John

Outstanding Ensemble Actor: Kaila Phillips as Dogberry

Outstanding Production Supervisor: Morgan Swan - Makeup & Hair

Outstanding Technician – US: Katie Carey - Props/Makeup & Hair Crew

Outstanding Technician – MS: Mo`orea Suguitan - Costume Crew

Most Valuable Player – MS: Caroline Betlach

Most Valuable Player – US: Erica Yost

Director’s Award for Leadership: Emily Smith - Costume Supervisor

Heart of the Show Award: Genevieve Savage as Leonato

Spring Musical: Broadway’s Best Musical Revue

Outstanding Overall Performer - MS: Portia Bonnici

Outstanding Overall Performer – US: Erica Yost

Outstanding Featured Soloist – MS: Misty Bera

Outstanding Featured Soloist – US: Stacee Firestone

Outstanding Featured Duet: Genevieve Savage & Gregory Kim

Outstanding Student Choreographer: Meira Bonnici

Outstanding Production Supervisor: Tierney Wold - Stage Manager

Outstanding Technician: Tejbir Singh - Microphone Tech

Most Valuable Player – MS: Portia Bonnici

Most Valuable Player – US: Tierney Wold - Stage Manager

Director’s Award for Leadership: Olivia Mangieri - Sound & Music Supervisor

Heart of the Show Award:  Gregory Kim - Performer

11 Fall Play Awards + 13 Spring Musical Awards = 24 Total Dramatiques Trophies


David Ogilvy Award - Best in Advertising: Meira Bonici

Martin Scorsese Award - Best Short Film: Mika Fromme

Leonora Carrington Award -Portrait Painting: Logan Richards

Creative Visionary Award: Alexis Allen

Abakanowics Award - Conceptual Art: Jadyn Ashcraft

Rising Star Award: Lily Krueger

Ansel Adams Award - Nature Photography: Sydney Schorr

Kahlo Award - Self Story in Art: Hunter Bugado

Henry Moore Award - Use of Abstraction: Maya Ellsworth

Francis Bacon Award - Existentialism in Art: Lily Krueger

Salvador Dali Award - Best use of Surrealism: Malia Dills

David Hockney - Best in Drawing: Zoe Spikerman

Vincent Van Gogh - Color of Emotions: Anna Leonard

Annie Leibowitz Award - For Portrait Photography: Jenna Blevins

Diego Rivera Award - For Painting: Noelani Sulla

Judy Chicago Award - Art for Social Change: Zoe Smith-Vann

Kandinsky Award - For Imaginative Work: Erica Yost

Andy Warhol Award - Art and Design: Gracelyn Jardine

Montoya Martinez Award - For Best Pottery: Cooper Callender

Michelangelo Award - Figurative Sculpture: Abigail Jeremiah

Aurora Robson Award - Environmental Art: Tyler Thomas


6th Grade Rising Art – Lacey Goble

7th Grade Rising Art – Caroline Betlach

8th Grade Rising Art – Bobby Weiser

Best in Show Award – Anna Gaglione

Outstand Portfolio Award – Rose Kirk-Landry


End of Year Athletic Awards


For the fifth year in a row, Parker High School athletes have won the Kaimana Awards in the small school’s division on the Big Island. Parker School athletes had the highest percentages in sportsmanship, participation, community service and GPA’s over 2.75.  Congratulations Bulls!


The following upper school students received recognition for their performance “on and off the field” during the spring season in Coed Varsity Tennis:

Holomua Award: Riley Higgins and Sophia Moorehead

Coach’s Award: Anna Leonard and Tony Greco

Most Valuable Player: Hana-Lei Ji and Jayden Bosque

Compassion, Excellence, Integrity Award: Ethan Tawater and Jamie Saito