2018 Academic Award Winners

May 14, 2018

Parker School is proud to announce numerous year-end academic awards for the 2017-2018 school year. Seven juniors were honored with Parker’s prestigious “Book Awards” and six additional Parker upper school students received scholarship awards. Many other middle and upper school students were awarded in the areas of academics, debate, athletics, and the arts. Congratulations to the following Parker students:

Valedictorians and Salutatorians: 

Grade 8 Valedictorian: Ben Kubo

Grade 8 Valedictorian: Madeline Weigle

Grade 8 Salutatorian: Everett Gordon

Grade 12 Valedictorian: Shione Mochizuki

Grade 12 Salutatorian: Kirk Hubbard IV

Grade 12 Salutatorian: Owen Matsuda                       


Brown University Award:  Zoe Vann Smith.  This award is given to the student who best combines academic excellence with clarity in written and spoken expressions.

Wellesley Award: Erica Yost. This award honors a female junior class student with an exceptional academic and personal character who has also made significant personal contributions to her school and community. 

Mt. Holyoke Award: Jaydyn Ashcraft.  This award is given to a female junior student with an excellent academic record and who has exhibited qualities of leadership and service within the Parker School community.

U Penn Award: Jenna Harris. This award honors a well-rounded junior student who has shown exemplary leadership, academics, athletics, citizenship, and community service.

Yale Award: Malia Dills.  This annual award honors a junior student who has shown outstanding personal character, intellectual promise, positively contributed to Parker School’s extracurricular life as well as participated in community service.                                         

Baush & Lomb Honorary Science AwardAbigail Jeremiah. This award is given to a junior in recognition of outstanding achievement and intellectual promise in the field of science.  Given on behalf of the University of Rochester the student recipient is eligible for the Baush & Lomb Honorary Science Scholarship worth at least $10,000 per year and totaling at least $40,000 over four years.                                                    

George Eastman Young Leaders Award:  Anna Gaglione.  This award is given to a junior with strong leadership experience at school and in the community while maintaining academics and extracurricular activities. Given on behalf of the University of Rochester, the recipient is eligible for the George Eastman Young Leaders scholarship worth at least $10,000 and totaling $40,000 over four years.

Irma Packard Norman Scholarship: Conner Brown. The Irma Packard Norman Scholarship is awarded to the individual who has shown outstanding citizenship towards this school, his/her peers and teachers during his/her time at Parker School.  While not ignoring the importance of academics, this individual has placed emphasis on displaying caring and kindness towards this school, his/her peers and teachers during his/her time at Parker School.  While not ignoring the importance of academics, this individual in creating a mutually respectful and inclusive environment here at Parker School.  The award accompanied by a $1000.00 scholarship toward their senior tuition at Parker School

Mie Kim Najita Award:  Colin Klimt.  The Mie Kim Najita Award goes to a junior who has demonstrated consistent academic effort and shows promise for future achievement.  The award is accompanied by a $2000.00 scholarship toward their senior tuition at Parker School.  

Mamoru and Aiko Takitani Scholarship:  Mathias Migliorini-Marchesi. In recognition of demonstrated scholarship, dedication to community and commitment to excellence.  The award is accompanied by a $3000.00 scholarship to the school of her choice

The Ibby Jenkins Memorial Scholarship Award for the Visual Arts: Lily Krueger. The Ibby Jenkins Memorial Scholarship is a new annual award that goes to an exceptional visual artist at Parker School. The awardee exemplifies Ibby’s thirst for artistic discovery and her passion for creative growth. This award is in recognition of the valuable place artists hold in society. The scholarship is a $1,000.00 award given to a rising senior toward their senior year tuition at Parker School 

Mana’olana Debate scholarship: Zoe Vann Smith and Emma Laliberte. The Mana’olana Scholarship provides $12,500 toward tuition and fees for two students entering their senior year in 2016.  The recipients must be active members of the school debate team and have excellent records in competitive debating.  They must also have strong general academic records and have shown some evidence of financial need.  


Class, Award Description, Student Recipient

P.E. Grade 6, Certificate of Excellence: Kauka Kapuniai

P.E. Grade 6, Medal of Distinction: Maile - Lei Ji

P.E. Grade 7, Certificate of Excellence: Zoe Cetre

P.E. Grade 7, Medal of Distinction: Sanae Oye

P.E. Grade 8, Certificate of Excellence: William Bowers

P.E. Grade 8, Medal of Distinction: Charlie Ostner

Conditioning, Certificate of Excellence: Lyle Coffee

Conditioning, Medal of Distinction: Kalysa Dombrigues

Powerlifting, Most Improved Lifter: N/A

Powerlifting, Dedication to the sport of Powerlifting: N/A


Award Description, Student Recipient

Career Achievement: Kirk Hubbard IV

Outstanding Leadership in Debate: Colin Klimt

Outstanding Leadership in Debate: Shione Mochizuki

MVD: Most Valuable Debater: Zoe Vann Smith

Coaches Award: Kathryn Carey

Coaches Award: Malia Dills

Outstanding Rookie: Hana-Lei Ji

Outstanding Rookie: Jamie Saito


Class, Award Description, Student Recipient

Student Council, Voice of the People Award: Riley Herendeen

Yearbook Copy Editor, Outstanding Dedication in Yearbook: Emily Souza

Yearbook Design Editor, Outstanding Dedication in Yearbook: Emma Choi

Yearbook Editor-in-Chief, Outstanding Contribution in Yearbook: Jackson Morris

Philosophy, Academic Excellence: Kirk Hubbard IV

Sociology, Outstanding Performance: Shione Mochizuki

Sociology, Academic Excellence: Kawena Ching

MS Robotics, Design & Modeling, Certificate of Excellence: William Bowers

Robotics, Design Award: Conner Brown

Computer Science, Design Award: Owen Matsuda

Animation and Game Design, Design Award: Hunter Bugado

Web Foundations, Design Award: Zachariah Kaufmann

3D Design, Design Award: Bowen Satterthwaite

Computer Basics 6, Certificate of Excellence: Caroline Betlach

Ecology/Hawaiian Studies, Certificate of Excellence: Kanani Offenbaker


Class, Award Description, Student Recipient

English 6, Academic Excellence: Caroline Betlach

English 6, Outstanding Student: Kai Kualii

English 7, Literary and Aesthetic Promise: Mo’orea Suguitan

English 7, Academic Excellence: Zoe Cetre

English 8, Outstanding Student: Everett Gordon

English 8, Academic Excellence: Eleanor Carey

English 9, Academic Excellence: Emma Choi

English 9 Honors, Academic Excellence: Jamie Saito

English 10, Academic Excellence: Bowen Satterthwaite

English 10 Honors, Academic Excellence: Iyses Moorehead

English 11, Academic Excellence: Hunter Bugado

AP Language and Composition, Academic Excellence: Zoe Vann Smith

English 12, Academic Excellence: Owen Matsuda

AP Literature and Composition, Academic Excellence: Ally Thomas

Fine Arts

Class, Award Description, Student Recipient

Introduction to Art, Excellence in Art: Kaden Satterthwaite

Pottery / Sculpture, Excellence in Art: Lukas Dommer

Pottery, Excellence in Art: Bowen Satterthwaite

Pottery, Outstanding Performance: Nakai Gaglione 

Drawing/Paint, Mixed Media/ Photography, Excellence in Art: Kahea Gaglione

Photography, Excellence in Art: Maya Ellsworth 

Photography, Outstanding Performance: Chloe Arias

2-Dimensional Art, Excellence in Art: Zoe Spikerman

2-Dimensional Art, Outstanding Performance: Noelani-Rose Sulla

3-Dimensional Art, Excellence in Art: Lily Krueger 

3-Dimensional Art, Outstanding Performance: Cooper Callender

Advanced Placement 2-D Design, Excellence in Art: Erica Yost 

Advanced Placement 2-D, Outstanding Performance: Jadyn Ashcraft

Advanced Placement 3-D Design, Excellence in Art: Lily Krueger

Advanced Placement 3-D Design1, Outstanding Performance: Bradley Bollinger

Advanced Placement Drawing, Excellence in Art: Malaya Hill

Advanced Placement Drawing, Outstanding Performance: Bradley Bollinger

Journalism, Excellence in Writing: Lucy Callender

Journalism, Outstanding Performance: Michaela Fromme

Musical Theatre, Artistic Discipline & Dedication: Eleanor Carey

MS Play Production, Artistic Discipline & Excellence: Violet Freeney

MS Technical Theatre, Artistic Discipline & Excellence: Kirra Ley

US Technical Theatre, Artistic Discipline & Excellence Gregory Kim:

MS Chorus, Vocal and Performance Growth: Amanda Black

US Chorus, Artistic Discipline and Dedication: Maggie Sommerhoff

Dance Technique, Technical & Creative Growth: Jaysah David

Dance Technique, Artistic Discipline & Excellence: Meira Bonnici

Tap Dance, Personal & Creative Growth: Spencer Corabi

Acting/Scene Study, Personal & Creative Growth: Grace Bollinger

Acting/Scene Study, Artistic Discipline & Excellence: Erica Yost


Class, Award Description, Student Recipient

History 6, Outstanding Student: Arthur Taylor

History 6, Academic Excellence: Caroline Betlach

History 7, Academic Excellence: Olivia Mangieri

History 7, Academic Excellence:  Mo’orea Suguitan

History 8, Academic Excellence: Lucas Koranda

History 8, Academic Excellence: Eleanor Carey

World History, Outstanding Student: Emma Choi

World History, Academic Excellence: Jamie Saito

World History Honors, Outstanding Student: Mele Rickards

World History Honors, Academic Excellence: Taiga Okada

Western Civilizations, Outstanding Student: Kellen Sakaitani

Western Civilizations, Academic Excellence: Sophia Moorehead

Western Civilizations Honors, Outstanding Student: Emily Smith

Hawaiian Studies, Outstanding Performance: Alexandra Thomas

Hawaiian Studies, Academic Excellence: Jordan Vedelli

U. S. History, Academic Excellence: Hunter Bugado

AP Euro, Academic Excellence: Malia Dills


Class, Award Description, Student Recipient

Math Skills, Outstanding Performance: Kai Kuali

Math Skills, Academic Excellence: Ava Taylor  

Math Foundations, Outstanding Performance: Caleb Makoff

Math Foundations, Academic Excellence: Noa Rickards

Pre-Algebra, Outstanding Performance: Tatum Bailey

Pre-Algebra, Academic Excellence Zoe Cetre

Algebra 1, Academic Excellence: Kayley Dombrigues

Algebra 1(middle school), Academic Excellence: Lui Kamoshita-LanganGeometry - MS, Outstanding Performance: Lucas Koranda

Geometry – MS, Academic Excellence: Elonna Blunt

Geometry - US, Outstanding Performance: Margaret Sommerhoff

Geometry – US, Academic Excellence: Zoe Spikerman

Algebra 2 & Trig, Outstanding Performance: Meira Bonnici

Algebra 2 & Trig, Academic Excellence: Jenna Harris

Honors Algebra 2 & Trig, Outstanding Performance: Jamie Saito

Honors Algebra 2 & Trig, Academic Excellence: Eloise Robertson

Pre-Calculus, Outstanding Performance: Maya Ellsworth

Pre-Calculus, Academic Excellence: Tatianna Staszkow

Honors Pre-Calculus, Outstanding Performance: Sara Mundon

Honors Pre-Calculus, Academic Excellence: Jordan Vedelli

Probability & Statistics, Academic Excellence: Jaysah David

Calculus, Academic Excellence: Masen Note

AP Calculus AB, Academic Excellence: Shione Mochizuki

AP Calculus BC, Academic Excellence: Owen Matsuda


Class, Award Description, Student Recipient

Life Science, Outstanding Performance: Sadie Blevins

Life Science, Academic Excellence: Tatum Bailey

Earth Science, Outstanding Performance: Caroline Betlach

Earth Science, Academic Excellence: Isabella Russo

Physical Science, Outstanding Performance: Anuhea Elliott

Physical Science, Academic Excellence: Ben Kubo

Biology, Outstanding Performance: Jayden Bosque

Biology, Academic Excellence: Margaret Sommerhoff

Honors Biology, Outstanding Performance: Emma Choi

Honors Biology, Academic Excellence: Jamie Saito

Anatomy & Physiology, Academic Excellence: Shione Mochizuki

Chemistry, Academic Excellence: Sophia Moorehead

Honors Chemistry, Academic Excellence: Kathryn Carey

AP Chemistry, Academic Excellence: Darien Jones

Intro to Engineering, Academic Excellence: Bradley Bollinger

Physics, Academic Excellence: Maya Ellsworth

Honors Physics, Academic Excellence: Masen Note

AP Physics, Academic Excellence: Owen Matsuda

Health, Outstanding Performance: Kathryn Carey

Health, Outstanding Performance: Emily Smith


Class, Award Description, Student Recipient

Spanish 1A, Outstanding Performance: Isabella Russo

Spanish 1A, Academic Excellence: Amanda Jordan

Spanish 1B, Outstanding Performance: Mo’orea Suguitan

Spanish 1B, Academic Excellence: Zoe Cetre

Spanish 1, Outstanding Performance: Yuxuan Chen

Spanish 1, Academic Excellence: Margaret Sommerhoff

Spanish 2 A, Outstanding Performance: Elonna Blunt

Spanish 2 A, Academic Excellence: Mallory West

Spanish 2 B, Outstanding Performance: Hana-Lei Ji

Spanish 2 B, Academic Excellence: Jamie Saito

Spanish 2, Outstanding Performance: Emily Souza

Spanish 2, Academic Excellence: Sophia Moorehead

Spanish 3, Outstanding Performance: Colin Klimt

Spanish 3, Academic Excellence: Eloise Robertson

Spanish 4, Outstanding Performance: Ryanne Doherrty

Spanish 4, Academic Excellence: Anna Gaglione

Spanish 4 Honors, Outstanding Performance: Malia Dills

Spanish 4 Honors, Academic Excellence: Mathias Migliorini-Marchesi

Spanish 5, Outstanding Performance: Masen Note

Spanish 5, Academic Excellence: Alexandra Thomas