Enrichment and Community Programs

Parker School is as rich a place after school as it is during the school day and an exciting extension to the classroom and the home experience, for Parker’s ‘Ohana and the Waimea community.

winter and Summer Camps

During both its Winter and Summer breaks, Parker School welcomes children ages 5-12 from the whole community to attend fun-filled camps hosted on campus. Summer Camp spans seven weeks of learning experiences, which feature art, athletics, dance, performing arts, science experiments and much more. Each week campers go on an excursion that is both fun and educational. Winter Camp is one week long and features off-campus excursions. Camps are engaging experiences that allows for new friendships and memories to last a lifetime.  

Parker Enrichment Program 

The program provides all members of our community with the opportunity to extend academic learning, to improve educational and employment skills and to enjoy enriching life-long learning experiences. Please visit the Parker Enrichment Program page to see what was offered last season, and visit back to preview next summer’s offerings, when they become available.

Parker Bulls Soccer Club

The club offers a player development program for youth soccer players in the Waimea community. The club is an extension of Parker School but is open to all players, regardless of their school affiliation. To learn more about the club, please visit the Parker School Soccer Club page. 

Waimea Town Market

The market is run for the benefit of Parker School by unpaid volunteers; vendor rents are passed directly to the school. Support for vendors allows Parker School to continue to benefit from the big boost the market provides to the school’s educational programs. Check out Parker School’s vendor booth at the market. For more information, please visit the Waimea Town Market page.

Parker School is a fun, busy place all day long, all year long, but don’t just take our word for it — see for yourself!