Upper School Co-ed Tennis

  • Randy Ring

    Parker School is certainly glad that Randy Ring “got out of Dodge”—or, Dodge, Kansas, where he was raised—and settled on the Big Island. A general contractor, he has coached the Parker tennis team since 2010. Coach Ring has been playing tennis for over 35 years and was a part-time tennis professional at Mauna Lani Tennis Garden from 1990-1995. He has held a singles and doubles ranking—including a repeated number one ranking-- for several years in various junior and senior veteran age groups in the state of Hawaii. Previously, he taught tennis at John Gardner Tennis Academy in Scottsdale, AZ and Sun Valley, Idaho from 1983-1986. He has a red clay court at his house and hosts the “Dirtballers Classic” tournament for all of the island’s best players each year. Coach Ring is the parent of a Parker graduate and a current Parker student and has hosted four Parker exchange students. About coaching at Parker he says, “Parker kids are an intelligent group with a great attitude. They make coaching fun!”

  • Rami Ring

    Rami Ring has been “team mom,” assisting Parker’s tennis team on and off since 2009, when she jumped in to help middle schoolers prepare for high school tennis. In fall, 2014, Coach Randy and Coach Chuck asked her to step up as assistant coach. Raised on O’ahu, Coach Rami has been playing tennis since her move to the Big Island in 1989, when she decided playing tennis would be a good way to make new friends. She met some of her best friends and her husband, Randy Ring, through the sport. Coach Rami has three sons, one of whom is a Parker graduate, and a daughter who is a current Parker student. She has hosted four exchange students as well. About working with the team she says, “I love really getting to know the kids outside of being Harmony’s or Ryp’s mom, and am looking forward to working with them. And who else is going to know how to pick those cute outfits for the girls?”

  • Buff Winderbaum's picture
    Buff Winderbaum

    Mr. Winderbaum comes to Parker Middle School with a bachelor’s degree from Antioch University and a master’s in education from Wilkes University. Prior to entering the education field, he owned successful businesses in Seattle, Washington, which he sold to pursue his dream of becoming a teacher. “Mr. W” is passionate about connecting with students and providing them with an opportunity not only to learn the curriculum, but to learn and grow into their fullest potential as well. Recognizing that the future of our great democracy will depend upon an active, informed electorate, he teaches the importance of critical thinking, civic responsibility, and community service. In his spare time, Mr. W enjoys travel, reading, scuba diving, tennis, hiking, and digital technology.