Middle School

Middle School Physical Education Curriculum

Students participate in a physical educational program (two days a week) designed to provide the basis for a wide range of learning experiences. Students gain knowledge and understanding of personal fitness goals, nutrition, teamwork and sportsmanship in competitive and non-competitive activities through challenges in small group activities and team sports. Students are expected to come to class prepared with appropriate footwear, clothing, and attitude. 

Goal:  The goal is for each student to feel self-assured in their abilities within each activity and sport. Students begin to implement healthier habits and discover the thrill of being physically active, regardless of innate ability, past experiences, or physical limitations. Once through middle school, the ultimate goal is for them to continue on a path of physical activity within Parker’s competitive and non- competitive sports programs. 

Middle School Athletics

Parker Middle School athletics offers a community and interscholastic sports program for boys and girls throughout the year. Each middle school student is given an opportunity to contribute and be a part of a team, regardless of ability level. Students receive playing time based on their personal commitment to the team.

FALL (Aug-Oct.): co-ed cross-country, co-ed volleyball
WINTER (Nov.-Feb.): boys’ basketball, co-ed track & field, co-ed tennis
SPRING (Mar.-May): co-ed paddling