Lower School

Lower School Physical Education Curriculum

The physical education curriculum focuses on cooperation, teamwork, and sportsmanship with a strong emphasis on fitness and skill development. The curriculum helps to develop social skills but also aids in strengthening motor and non-locomotor skills that are necessary to be stronger and more coordinated in the activities that students engage in.

Goal: Ultimately, the goal is for our students to have an enjoyable and successful PE experience. When children have a strong foundation in PE, they become teenagers who love to try new activities and sports, developing a lifelong passion to be physically active. Additionally, they become people who are more confident in themselves.

Lower School Athletics

Throughout the school year, a variety of athletic programs are offered.

FALL (Sept.-Oct.): co-ed cross country (3-5 grades), volleyball (if enough interest and qualified coaches are available)
WINTER (Jan.-Feb.): co-ed track & field (4th & 5th grade), basketball (if enough interest and qualified coaches are available)