Parker School’s Athletics Program—which encompasses all students throughout the lower, middle, and upper schools—is ever-changing, developing and growing. Our PE teachers and coaches strive to meet the needs and interests of every student-athlete. Students are given the opportunity at a young age to participate in soccer, cross country, basketball, volleyball, and track and field. As they develop and gain knowledge of these sports and other activities such as volleyball, basketball, and tennis, they eagerly join our middle and upper school programs. During these growing and developing school years, our students expand in their social skills and become stronger, more coordinated and more developed in the activities that they play. Parker athletics offer an enjoyable and successful athletic experience, providing a strong foundation for students to become confident people who enjoy participating and competing in sports and developing a passion to live a healthy, physically active lifestyle.

Goal: to use sports to educate and prepare our athletes for life by having fun and learning technical skills. In competition, our athletes strive to win, learn how to lose gracefully, and give their full effort to becoming the best athletes they can possibly become.