Middle School

The middle school fine arts program is integrated into student schedules four times a week as an elective choice. Students are exposed to a wide variety of artistic practices such as painting, drawing, acting, singing, dancing, creative writing, chorus, sculpture, set design, mixed media, photography and graphic design, among others.

The philosophy of the middle school arts and electives program is that 10-14 year-old students should be exposed to a diverse range of artistic experiences. This gives them an appreciation of the world around them, while acquiring creative problem solving skills. The arts department believes that artistic endeavors and exploration translates into the academic classroom and into life, by supporting the overall growth of the Parker middle school student. 

Outside of the classroom curriculum, Parker middle schoolers are also able to participate in our grade 6-12 after-school performing arts program, Dramatiques. A fall play and a spring musical production are put on each year. Students can take part both on stage and off, with lighting, set design, stage management, costume design and other support roles offered to actors and non-actors alike.