Artist Highlights

At Parker School, we celebrate the arts and nurture and honor our student artists, as they grow and explore, to their full potential. We are proud to feature some students who stand out as artists in our lower school ‘ohana; we hope you enjoy their work.

Kindergarten- Dylan Hendricks

Dylan is an up-and-coming artist who shows clear talent even at the young age of 5. Dylan is able to see line and color and select strong compositions. She is imaginative and playful in her work. She is dedicated to her work, paying great attention to detail and craftsmanship. We look forward to seeing all the wonderful works of art she will make here in her future years at Parker School.

Click here to View Dylan’s Artwork

3rd- Kahea Gaglione

Kahea is an exceptionally talented artist who has made an extensive body of artwork both in school and out. She loves to paint huge canvases with floral images inspired by the island. She also enjoys using line to create detailed drawings with pattern and repetition. Her work shows excellent technical abilities, advanced artistic voice for her age and a strong imagination. Kahea has taken Parker School’s art scene by storm, so watch out, world!

Click here to View Kahea’s Artwork

5th-Noelani Mitchell

Noelani is new to Parker school this year and has made an immediate impact in her art classes. She has excellent attention to detail and craftsmanship in her work, a natural sense of design, a clear and imaginative style and a sense of her artistic voice. She gives herself creative art challenges both in and out of school and pushes herself to grow as an artist. We welcome Noelani and are blessed to have her talent here at Parker School.

Click here to see Noelani’s Artwork