The Parker School fine arts program incorporates visual and performing arts specialties throughout the K-12 experience. One of the most important philosophical principles of the Parker School fine arts program is the belief that analytical and critical thinking skills are an important part of the creative process. We strive to help students develop problem solving skills that are directly related to ingenuity and creativity throughout the visual and performing arts experiences. Our instructors interconnect intellectual, cultural and creative pursuits that are age appropriate and skill-based. The program is designed to offer a broad range of exposure and training in various art media, including dance, musical instruments, chorus, acting, creative writing, painting, drawing, pottery and sculpture. In the upper levels students have increasing opportunities to take initiative as creative leaders, and offerings expand to include specialties such as choreography, filmmaking, playwriting, conceptual art, installation art, costume and set design, lighting design, stage management, dramaturgy, fashion design, graphic design, and songwriting, among others. As with all classes and endeavors at Parker School, the fine arts program fosters our school values of excellence, integrity and compassion, cultivating qualities necessary to succeed in an interconnected world: creativity, curiosity, resilience, constructive risk-taking and teamwork.