Financial Aid

Parker School’s financial aid philosophy is to make the cost of a Parker School education affordable for as many families as possible, with the limited supply of funds it has available each year for financial aid. Once awarded financial aid, families must reapply annually, however, unless there are drastic changes in a family’s financial situation, families can count on consistent aid awards year after year.

  Financial Aid Key Dates for 2018-2019   Returning Students   New Students
  Financial Aid Applications & Documentation Due to SSS   February 2, 2018   February 5, 2018*
  Financial Aid Decisions Available (kindergarten only)   n/a   February 26, 2018**
  Financial Aid Decisions Available (grades 1-12)   February 16, 2018   March 5, 2018**
  Tuition Agreements & Deposit Due (kindergarten only)   n/a   March 12, 2018
  Tuition Agreements & Deposit Due (grades 1-12)   March 2, 2018   March 19, 2018
  2017 Tax Returns Due (financial aid recipients):    July 1, 2018   July 1, 2018

*Admissions applications and supporting documentation are also due at this time. 

**Admissions decisions are also available at this time.

Ongoing admissions applications and financial aid applications will be accepted after the priority date, pending availability.

Details of the financial aid application process for the 2018-19 school year will be posted as soon as they are available.