Admissions Procedures

Parker School’s philosophy is to admit students whom we believe we can best support in realizing their personal and academic promise. 

Admissions Process

  1. Complete an online application form.
    •  Click here to set up a TADS account to begin an application.
  2. Submit the $75 application fee with the application.
  3. Request two teacher references.
    The request form and instructions are part of
        the online application.
  4. Request records from the applicant’s current school.
    •  Complete the Consent for Release of Records form
        found at the end of the online application and
        deliver it to the applicant’s current school.

  5. Schedule student and family interview.
    This will be done virtually, via Zoom. The Admissions Office will call to schedule an interview appointment.
  6. Submit additional required documentation in TADS:
    • Photo of student
     For kindergarten applicants only
    : copy of birth certificate
  7. Complete the required academic assessment.
    The Admissions Office will schedule each student for an academic assessment once
        the application is received.

For kindergarten applicants:  Please note that in order to be eligible for kindergarten students must turn five by October 31 of their kindergarten year.


Our admissions committee, made up of faculty and administrators, reviews each applicant to determine whether to admit. While academic ability is critical to success at Parker School, the committee also considers the composition of the class and the school’s ability to meet the individual student’s needs when making this determination. In the case that a student is denied admission to Parker, please note that it is our policy, based upon admissions best practices, not to disclose details about the decision.

Receiving Notification

Once all applications have been processed, Parker notifies applicant families of the admissions decision. Those who have applied for financial aid will receive their aid determination at the time of admissions notification. If the applicant is offered a place at Parker School, information will be provided at the time of notification about how to complete enrollment. Please see the Key Dates table above for priority deadlines and notification dates.

Statement of Policy

Parker School does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, ancestry, gender, national origin or sexual orientation in the administration of its admissions and educational policies, financial aid programs, or athletic or other school-administered programs.