How old must my child be to start kindergarten?

Children must be five years old by October 31 of their kindergarten year to be eligible to apply to Parker’s kindergarten. A copy of the child’s birth certificate is required for kindergarten applicants. 

How are students selected for admission?

Students are selected based on factors which are dependent upon the grade applied to (further detail below). A committee comprised of administrators and educators participates in the review and selection process. All students who complete the application process by the annual priority deadline are considered equally for the available spaces in the grade applied to. Applications received after the priority deadline are processed as they are received (this is considered “rolling admission”).

An admissions committee reviews all applicants and makes a determination based on the factors outline below, as well as the composition of the class, the school’s ability to meet the individual students’ needs and the school’s mission.

Lower School:

  • For kindergarten applicants, we administer an academic and social evaluation and consider preschool teacher reference reports as well as the parent/guardian narrative answers in the application. Preschool progress reports, if available, are considered as well. Additional information is collected in a student and family interview.
  • For first through fifth-grade applicants, we consider prior progress reports and report cards in addition to an assessment, teacher references, and the application. Additional information is collected in a student and family interview.

Middle and Upper School:

  • For all applicants to grades six through 12, we administer a math placement test and an English/language arts test on-site. Two teacher references and the applicant’s most recent report cards and/or transcripts are also requirements of the application process. The parent and student narrative answers in the application are an important part of the applicant file. Additional information is collected in a student and family interview.

These elements, along with our interactions with applicants during campus visits and/or shadow days are all considered by the committee when determining admission.

Wait Pool: 
For all applicants, space availability in the grade is a factor in whether a student is offered placement at Parker School. Students who are admissible, but for whom there is not currently a space available, will be placed in the wait pool for the grade.

Inadmissible Applicants: 
Occasionally, an applicant is deemed inadmissible. While Parker School recognizes the value of all children, the school selects those students it is best able to serve within the limits of the school’s resources and mission, as well as students who will make a positive contribution to the school community. Please note that, in order to protect the integrity of the admissions process and the required confidential teacher references, Parker School does not share the details of the committee’s decision not to admit an applicant with the applicant family. 

Are some applicants given priority over others?

Some priority may be given to children of Parker School employees and siblings of current Parker School students. However, being a sibling of an enrolled student or the child of an employee does not guarantee admission to Parker School. All students, regardless of their priority status, must meet the admission standards for their grade to be considered admissible.

Does Parker maintain a wait pool?

Yes. Parker School maintains a wait pool when there are more qualified applicants than space permits. If a space becomes available after a wait pool has been established in a grade, all applicants in the wait pool are considered equally for that space. Students are not ranked in the wait pool. 

If my child is in the wait pool and is not offered a place, will I have to reapply for the next school year?

Yes. Each year the application process begins anew, and wait pools from the previous year do not carry over.

When will we receive a decision regarding admission?

For applicants meeting the annual priority deadline, decisions will be communicated within roughly one month of the deadline. Applications submitted after the priority deadline will be processed as they are received.

How do we apply for financial aid, and will our admissions application be affected by applying for it?

Parker School currently awards financial aid based on need. Applying for financial aid does not affect the admissions process in any way. Review of financial aid applications is made by a separate committee from the admissions review committee. Please see our financial aid page for further information.

Is my child required to have computer or tablet to attend Parker School?

Parker School is a one-to-one learning environment in grades 6-12, meaning that every student owns their own device for use at school and at home.

Students entering grades 6-12 must bring a device of their choosing (within the specifications outlined by the administration) to school.

In grades K-5, students use school-owned sets of iPads in each classroom to enhance teaching and learning. K-5 students are not required to own an iPad.

Will I receive assistance in preparing my child’s device for the first day of school?

Yes. Students will be scheduled for a “tech check” in the weeks before the start of school to ensure they have everything they need to be ready for the first day of class.

Will I get my application documents back?

No. The records you provide to the school and those that you authorize other schools or any organization (such as a doctor’s office) to share with us become part of our records. We encourage you to provide Parker School with copies of any documents you submit, and keep the originals for your own records.
Teacher references provided to the school are never shared with parents, students or anyone else beyond the admissions committee. If a student enrolls in Parker School, the references do not become part of the student’s permanent record.

What if we enroll, but need to break our contract?

Parker School’s enrollment contract is binding. In the event that your child is offered a place in the school, please be sure to read the contract carefully before signing.

For more information, please contact the Admissions Office at admissions@parkerschoolhawaii.org or (808) 885-7933 ext. 7107.

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