Educational Technology

Parker School’s Technology Department is comprised of two divisions, Information Technology Systems and Educational Technology, which support Parker School in its mission to provide students a well-rounded, college-preparatory education.

The Information Technology Systems (ITS) division maintains the speed, stability and accessibility of the campus wireless network; and maintains the school computers, printers and Smart Boards. As the needs and demands of technology grow, the ITS division continually works on ways to make technology work to better serve faculty and staff. The goal is to integrate all classroom technology seamlessly, without redundancy.

The Educational Technology division assists faculty, staff, students and parents in leveraging personal and network technology in order to create meaningful and dynamic learning environments on campus and at home. Our one-to-one education initiative means that 21st century, interactive technology is in the hands of every student for use as a primary learning tool in the classroom. This allows creative and collaborative educational opportunities, provides access to expanded curriculum content, and engages students in interactive learning.

Supported by iPads in middle school and by the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) program in upper school, our initiative allows students to enter the classroom anywhere, anytime and can readily meet the need for multiple learning styles. Our teachers use digital resources, educational apps, and interactive modalities as primary teaching tools.

All teaching at Parker aligns with national standards, a focus on excellence in all subject areas, and a specific progression of academic development. Teachers work with their department chairs to ensure that all enhancements and new strategies afforded by electronic devices continue to meet and enhance the scope and sequence for each subject area. As always, teachers work diligently with the tools they have to execute the curriculum most effectively.

Details of our policies and device specifications can be found in the following documents: