At Parker School, we believe that if nurtured in a positive, supportive environment, students are more apt to develop a love of learning and to strive to reach their highest potential. In a small school with small class sizes, students benefit from individualized attention and close relationships with our excellent, accessible teachers. Students are set up for success from the beginning and given clear expectations and encouragement every step of the way.

Along with our rigorous academic program in the classroom, kindergarten through 12th grade students frequently enjoy hands-on, experiential learning opportunities. Whether it’s the third graders on a whale watch adventure, middle schoolers learning about ocean safety on a field trip to the coast, or an upper school biology class taking soil samples high in a rain forest, we continually take advantage of our amazing island environment as an outdoor living classroom. Though the academic bar is set high at Parker, we believe in balance and encourage students to get involved and find their passions in athletics, arts, clubs and organizations, and community service opportunities as well.

To truly get a glimpse of the quality of our academic program, take a look at our school profile. Here you will find our SAT, ACT and AP test results, and learn more about our National Merit Scholarship and U.S. Presidential Scholar program finalists and winners, as well as college attendance information.