Endowments are established with gifts from donors or foundations that are intended to be preserved and yield income for an organization’s operations or a designated purpose.

Parker School has a board-designated endowment which funds the annual operations of the school and a donor-restricted endowment to provide funding for financial aid.  These funds provide approximately 6% of the school’s annual operating income.

The funds are managed by the school’s Investment Committee, a sub-committee of the board of directors’ Finance Committee.  Each fund has its own Investment Policy Statement which provides strict guidance for the management of the assets and distribution of income.

The Operating Fund

Parker School’s Operating Fund was designated by the school’s board of directors to support annual operations of the school.  It was initially funded by contributions from Richard Smart of Parker Ranch during the school’s inception and is further supported by annual distributions from the Parker Ranch Foundation Trust.

The Financial Aid Endowment

Parker School’s financial aid endowment was first established in 1994 and accounts for 5% of the financial aid funds awarded to students each year. 


Please contact the Advancement Office if you would like to learn more contributing to the school’s operating fund or financial aid endowment.